Department of Mathematics

Mathematics in Uppsala

The Department of Mathematics at Uppsala University is constantly growing. Since the nineties, our research has multiplied and now covers a wide range of topical areas of mathematics. The diversity of our research is also reflected in our undergraduate programmes, where we focus on both all-around mathematical education and in-depth knowledge.

Major investment in mathematical research

Postgraduate Studies in Mathematics

If you want to do research in mathematics, then a postgraduate programme is a first step in the right direction. To enter our programme, you need a master's degree in mathematics, or a master's degree in engineering physics. On our website, we usually advertise vacant PhD positions which all eligible candidates are welcome to apply. The advert will be posted in February.

Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics (CIM)

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics in Uppsala facilitates novel and exciting joint research between the mathematical sciences and other disciplines and industry. The aim is to engage mathematics directly in science by using mathematics to understand real world systems.