Department of Mathematics

Seminars and Activities Organized by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics

The Complex Systems Working Lunch (CoSy-lunch)

This seminar series is geared towards dynamical systems, mathematical modelling, and interdisciplinary research. The intended audience comes both from the mathematical sciences and their application fields.

The format of the seminar is informal and a light lunch will be provided for the participants.


CIM PhD students present their current research projects in this seminar series.

interdisciplinary SEMINARS AND coffee

An informal opportunity to meet people with an interest in interdisciplinary research. Informal seminars are organized on a case to case basis and announced through the CIM mailing list.

mc² consultancy group meetings

CIM affiliated faculty members, postdocs, PhD students and undergraduate students meet to discuss cases that have been submitted to the mc² consultancy. To receive information about new cases and when there will be meetings, please contact Elisabeth Larsson.