CoSy Seminars Autumn 2011

19 September
Speaker: Madeleine Beekman, Behaviour and Genetics of Social Insects Lab, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Sydney
Titel: Why social insects are ideal model organisms: conflict and cooperation in insect societies
Place: EBC, seminarierum 1003, Ingång 18D. Seminarierummet ligger på mellanvåningen, till vänster.

27 September
Speaker: Hamidou Touré, Université de Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Titel: Existence and Regularity for some partial functional integrodifferential equations

Speaker: Samsidy Goudiaby, Université Gaston Berger, Senegal
Titel: An algebraic approach for controlling network of reaches in irrigation canals

Place: Ångström, 2005

4 October
Speaker: Manfred Grabherr, Institutionen för medicinsk biokemi och mikrobiologi, Uppsala universitet
Titel: Locating Genomic Signals of Adaptive Evolution through Unsupervised Pattern Recognition
Place: Ångström, 11167

11 October
Speaker: Martin Rosvall, Institutionen för fysik, Umeå universitet
Titel: Hierarchical Organization of Large Integrated Systems
Place: Ångström, 11167

18 October
Speaker: Eric Dunham, Department of Geophysics, Stanford University
Titel: Mathematical Models of Earthquake Ruptures and Volcanic Eruptions
Place: Ångström, 2001

25 October
Speaker: Irene Giardina, Department of Physics, University of Rome La Sapienza, Rome, Italy
Titel: Collective Behaviour in Large Animal Groups, from Experiments to Modelling
Place: Ångström, 11167

8 November
Speaker: Sorin Tanase Nicola, Instutionen för cell- och molekylärbiologi, Uppsala universitet
Titel: Selection in time dependent environments
Place: Ångström, 11167

15 November
Speaker: Wim Briels, Computational Biophysics, University of Twente, the Netherlands
Titel: Mathematics of Coarse Graining and Gallilei Invariant Brownian Dynamics
Place: Ångström, 11167

22 November
Speaker: Carolina Wählby, docent, Centrum för bildanalys, Institutionen för informationsteknologi, Uppsala universitet
Titel: Modeling the Shape of Worms to Find New Treatments of Infectious Disease
Place: Ångström, 11167

29 November
Speaker: Koh Lian Pin, Department of Environmental Sciences, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich
Titel: Balancing societies’ Priorities: the Need for Avant-garde Research and Tools
Place: Ångström, 11167

6 December
Speaker: Michael Osborne, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford
Titel: Gaussian Processes for Sensor Networks
Place: Ångström, 11167

13 December
Speaker: Enriqueta Vercher, Facultat de Matemàtiques, Universitat de València
Titel: Multi-objective Constrained Portfolio Selection: a Soft Computing Approach
Place: Ångström, 11167