CoSy Seminars Autumn 2013

24 September
Talare: Mustafa Khammash, Control Theory and Systems Biology, ETH-Zürich
Titel: The Emerging Science of Feedback Control of Living Cells
Plats: Ångström 11167
Tid: 12.00-13.15

1 October
Talare: Punam Saha, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Iowa, USA
Titel: Fuzzy Digital Topology and Geometry and their Applications to Medical Imaging
Plats: Ångström 11167

8 October
Talare: Johan Walden, Haas Finance Group, University of California Berkeley, USA
Titel: Investor Networks
Plats: Polacksbacken 2446

15 October
Speaker: Taha Yasseri, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
Title: Opinion clashes in mass collaboration, a case study of Wikipedia
Place: Ångström 11167

5 November
Speaker: Jesus Angulo, Centre de Morphologie Mathematique, MINES ParisTech, France
Title: Riemannian Mathematical Morphology 
Place: Ångström 11167

14 November
Speaker: Andreas Deutsch, Centre for Information Services and High Performance Computing, Technical University Dresden
Title: Why social insects are ideal model organisms: conflict and cooperation in insect societies
Place: EBC, seminarierum 1003, Ingång 18D. Seminarierummet ligger på mellanvåningen, till vänster.

19 November
Speaker: Claus Rüffler, Uppsala University
Title: Modeling the Evolution of Biological Diversity
Place: Ångström 11167
Time: 12.00-13.15

26 November
Speaker: Françoise Peyrin, Research Centre for Medical Imaging (CREATIS), Université de Lyon and European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), Grenoble, France
Title: 3D quantification of bone tissue from synchrotron micro-CT: from trabeculae to cells
Place: Ångström 11167