Current Challenges in Climate Modelling 2011

This two day workshop provides a forum for applied mathematicians and application scientists to meet around the challenges in climate modeling. 

The location is Polacksbacken, Building 2, 4th floor, Room 2446, Uppsala University, Uppsala.

Invited speakers


Thursday, May 26
9.00-9.30 Registration
9.30-10.00  Coffee
10.00-10.10 Welcome
10.10-10.50 Henk Dijkstra The use of implicit models to understand the physics of the climate system
10.50-11.30 Valerio Lucarini Response theory: application to climate problems
11.30-13.30  Lunch at Eklundshof
13.30-14.10 Francesco d'Ovidio Chaotic stirring of biogeochemical tracers
14.20-15.00 Silvia De Monte Towards high-resolution ecological bioprovinces in the global oceans
15.00-15.30  Coffee break
15.30-16.10 Leonard Smith What (and who) do ensembles of climate models inform?
16.10-16.50 Matthew Collins Process-Based Constraints on Long-Term Climate Projections
19.00            Dinner at Lingon

Friday, May 27
9.30-10.10 Natasha Flyer Radial Basis Functions for Computational Geoscience
10.10-10.40  Coffee break
10.40-11.30 Michael Ghil Towards a mathematical theory of climate sensitivity
11.30-12.10 Renato Vitolo Challenges in using Global Climate Model output for tropical cyclone risk assessment
12.10            Lunch and end of workshop


This meeting is supported financially by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics, Uppsala University, Uppsala.


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 Organizing committee

Jonas Thies, Elisabeth Larsson, Gunilla Kreiss, Jonas Nycander, Anna Rutgersson, David Sumtper and Alma Kirlic.

The workshop is organized in cooperation with Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics.