First Swedish meeting on Theory and Mathematics in Biology and Medicine 2009

December 17th: Siegbahnsalen (Room 10101), Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University

December 18th: Häggsalen (Room 10132), Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University

This two day meeting will bring together researchers from throughout Sweden to present and discuss research in theoretical and mathematical biology and medicine.

17th Dec: Mini-course in mathematical biology

Morning session 9 - 12: Adaptive Dynamics, Eva Kisdi (University of Helsinki) 

Afternoon session 13 - 16: Pattern formation in biology and medicine, Philip Maini (University of Oxford)

Poster session 16-17:30: 

Conference dinner 19 - late: Restaurant Lingon .

18th Dec: Research presentations

Session 1: Evolution.
09:00 Bernhard Mehlig (Göteborg) Statistics of genetic variation in a changing environment.

09:20 Åke Brännström (Umeå) Evolution of growth-strategy in a size-structured vegetation model.

09:40 Philip Gerlee (Copenhagen) Species interactions in a cross-feeding population of digital organisms.

10:00 Serik Sagitov (Göteborg) Quenched effective population size.

10:20 Torbjörn Lundh (Göteborg) Sympatric Speciation due to Reinforcement.

10:40 Coffe break.

Session 2: Pattern formation.
11:00 Sofia Tapani (Göteborg) Mathematical modelling of pronuclei migration - orientation of the first cleavage.

11:20 Alma Masic (Malmö) Mathematical modeling of biofilms in wastewater treatment.

11:40 Stefan Engblom (Stockholm) Simulation of stochastic reaction-diffusion processes on unstructured meshes.

12:00 Andreas Hellander (Uppsala) Incorporating active transport in stochastic, mesoscopic models of biochemical kinetics in the living cell.

12:20 Lunch and continuation of poster session.

14:00 General discussion about format of future math biology meetings.

Session 3: Ecology.

15:00 Per Lundberg (Lund) Niche co-evolution in consumer-resource communities.

15:20 Ane Laugen (Uppsala) Model of the growth of Pacific oysters in the Marennes-Oléron Bay.

15:40 Daniel Simpson (Umeå) The Numerical Solution of Structured Population Models.

16:00 Arvid Bergsten (Stockholm) Network models of fragmented landscapes.

16:30 Eva Kisdi (Helsinki) Adaptive dynamics and the coexistence of predators in nonequilibrium populations.

17:00 Meeting closes.


Those wishing to participate in the meeting should send an e-mail to before the 30th of November 2009. In particular, if you would like to have lunch and coffee during the meeting it is important that you tell us in advance. On the 17th we will have a conference dinner. This will be subsidised for all participants. Please also indicate if you would like to attend and give any dietary requirements.

Course credits

PhD students participating in the mini-course can, on completion of a small exercise handed out by the lecturers, gain course credits (1 hp).

E-mail list

In connection to this meeting and to further activities in mathematical biology in Sweden we have set up an email list, The list will allow you to contact your colleagues with information about courses, open positions etc.

To subscribe to this list, please email with the message subscribe mathbio.


We recommend the following hotels in Uppsala:


Hotell Uppsala

At time of writing they have rooms available, but please book early.


This meeting is supported financially by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics (Uppsala).