Modeling in Biology 2009

Mathematical modelling is an established part of all parts of biology. This seminar series will present some of the cutting edge research in this area, spanning all levels of biological organistaion. The series is particularly aimed at showing how models are used in practice and the speakers come both from mathematically orientated and biologically orientated departments.

Seminars take place Thursdays at 15:15 between Easter and Summer.

Date: 23rd April
Speaker: Michael Blum (Biomedical engineering, Grenoble)
Approximate Bayesian Computation for evolutionary biology: situation and prospects
Place: Lärosal 3, EBC

Date: 7th May
Speaker: Toshiyuki Nakagaki (Hokaiddo University)
Modeling behavioral smartness in an amoeboid organism of Physarum
Place: Lärosal 3, EBC

Date: 14th May
Speaker: Andrew King (Institute of Zoology, London)
From fieldwork to modelling: exploring the dynamics of group-level behaviour in baboons
Place: Lärosal 3, EBC

Date: 4th June
Speaker: Gil McVean (Department of Statistics, Oxford)
Gene genealogies, principal component analysis and the spatial distribution of genetic variation
Place: Lärosal 3, EBC

Date: 11th June
Speaker: Max Reuter (University College London)
Populations dynamics of maternally transmitted parasites
Place: Lärosal 3, EBC