List of Potential Projects at CIM

Below is a list of projects suggested by tentative advisors.

Suggested PhD-projects

Multiscale magnetization dynamics (Contact: Gunilla Kreiss, Olle Eriksson)

Multiphase reacting compressible flow: From combustion to dispersion in the atmosphere (Contact: Murtazo Nazarov, Johan Hoffman, Niclas Jansson)

Machine Learning and Conformal Prediction, applied to Drug Discovery and Cancer Diagnostics (Contact: Ola Spjuth, Lars Carlsson)

Developing track- and event reconstruction, using deep learning with quantifiable, accuracy for the PANDA at FAIR, experiment (Contact: Sverker Holmgren, Michael Papenbrock, Karin Schönning)

Distributed Statistical Learning Algorithms for Dynamic Networks (Contact: Raazesh Sainudiin, John Östh)

Predicting toxicity of nanoparticles from machine-learning, accelerated molecular simulations (Contact: Chao Zhang, Carl Nettelblad, Jolla Kullgren, Kersti Hermansson)

Constrained Deep Learning for Biomedical Image Processing, with application in Cancer Diagnostics (Contact: Joakim Lindblad, Christina Runow Stark)

Dynamics of Extreme Outer Solar System Objects (contact: Gaidashev, Zackrisson)