Department of Mathematics

List of Potential Projects at CIM

Recently, CIM advertised six PhD positions. The deadline has now passed (March 17 2017). Below is a list of projects suggested by tentative advisors.

Suggested PhD-projects

Simulations of muonic X-ray and other new spectroscopic experiments using the novel features of muons (Contact: Roland Lindh)

Order and chaos in planetary systems (Contacts: Ulrike Heiter, Warwick Tucker)

Machine learning and conformal prediction applied to drug discovery and cancer diagnostics (Contacts: Ola Spjuth, Lars Carlsson, Martin Eklund, Andreas Hellander)

Using advance regularised inversion methods for mapping stellar surfaces (Contacts: Oleg Kochukhov, Nikolai Piskunov, Denis Gaidashev)

Celestial mechanics: a study of orbits of extreme outer solar system objects (Contact: Denis Gaidashev)

Uncertainty-aware deep learning for image classfication in pathology (Contacts: Fredrik Lindsten, Erik Sjöblom, Thomas Schön)

Modeling transport processes in crowded systems (Contacts: Christer Elvingson, Tobias Ekholm)

3d modelling of controlled-source electromagnetic fields in applied geophysics (Contacts: Thomas Kalscheuer, Maya Neytcheva)

Stochastic methods in evolutionary biology (Contacts: Ingemar Kaj, Carina Mugal)

New methods for writer identification (Contacts: Anders Hast, Lars Mårtensson)

Nuclear quantum effects in electron microscopy (Contact: Jan Rusz)

Computational modeling, parametrization, and evaluation of the spread of antimicrobial resistance (Contact: Stefan Engblom, Stefan Widgren)

Mathematics of realistic string vacua (Contacts: Magdalena Larfors, Jian Qiu, Thomas Kragh)

Finite element simulation of micromagnetism (Contacts: Murtazo Nazarov, Olle Eriksson)

Multi-layer object representations for integrated shape and texture analysis,with applications in biomedical image processing (Contacts: Nataša Sladoje, Ida-Maria Sintorn, Lars Haag)

Spatio-temporal modeling of vehicle surroundings (Contacts: Thomas Schön, Jacob Roll, Dave Zachariah)

Mathematical modelling of wave energy converters (Contacts: Irina Dolguntseva, Boel Ekergård)

Data analysis for intracellular biophysics (Contacts: Johan Elf, Carolina Wählby)

Numerical ice sheet modeling (Contacts: Lina von Sydow, Rickard Pettersson, Nina Kirchner)

Financial optimaization under uncertainty and information ambiguity (Contacts: Erik Ekström, Carl Lindberg)

Quantitative genetics and bioinformatics for studying haploid selection (Contacts: Carl Nettelblad, Simone Immler)

Tracing individual genetic variation using pooles samples (Contacts: Carl Nettelblad, John Hickey)