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Fotbollens matematik drog stor publik i Manchester


David Sumpter talade om fotbollens matematik på University of Manchester den 19 oktober. Ämnet väckte stort intresse i fotbollsstaden. Över 300 personer kom och lyssnade på föreläsningen.

David Sumpter spoke about the mathematics of football at the University of Manchester on October 19:th. The subject aroused great interest in the football city. More than 300 people came and listened to the lecture. 

Who was in the audience?

- Alumni from their math classes, people who use mathematics in the society and other fans of mathematics. It was open to everyone, says David Sumpter.

How was it?

- It was exciting. I felt a bit like a rock star. There were many questions afterwards. 

What kind of questions?

- When you tell about football and mathematics, everyone wants to ask about their favourite team. They want a mathematical answer to why their team isn't winning. Or why the other team has more luck. 

Alma Kirlic

About the lecture series:

The University of Manchester arranges yearly popular science lectures in mathematics. The lecture series is called Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Public Lecture. Among previous speakers are Hannah Fry and Marcus du Sautoy.

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