Department of Mathematics

Career day for mathematicians, 22 April 2016

When: Friday, 22 april, 9.30am-17pm
Where: Häggsalen


9.30: Coffee

10.00-10.05: Introduction
10.05-10.35: Guillermo Padres, team leader, Qliro
10.35-11.05: Marcus Näslund (Swe), software engineer, Imint Vidhance (IMINT Image Intelligence AB)
11.10-11.40: Madelene Rönnberg, career guidance counsellor, Uppsala university

11.40-13.15 Lunch

13.15-13.45: Leo Larsson, senior game mathematician, consultant
13.45-14.15: Alice Lesser, application engineer, Prover
14.20-14.50 Carin Gerhardsen (Swe), author

14.50-15.20: Fika

15.20-15.50: Kelly Hubble, head of data science, Instantor AB
15.50-16.20: Adam Malik, PhD student in applied mathematics, Chalmers
16.25-16.55: Katarina Hedman, statistical science director global medical affairs, Astra Zeneca

16.55-17.00: Summary