Department of Mathematics

The department board

The board is the decision-making body of the department. The term of office for teachers and administrative staff is three years. For students, the term of office i one year. 

Board members

Erik Ekström, acting head of the department, chair

Jordi-Lluís Figueras, teacher, regular

Lina Flygerfeldt, administrative staff, regular

Johanna Gustavsson, student, regular

Martin Herschend, teacher, regular

Anna Sakovich, teacher, regular

Andreas Strömbergsson, teacher, regular

Tilo Wiklund, PhD student, regular

Veronica Crispin Quiñonez, teacher, substitute

Alma Kirlic, administrative staff, substitute

Rolf Larsson, teacher, substitute

Filipe Mussini, PhD student, substitute

Wolfgang Staubach, teacher, substitute

Josefin Wahlström, student, substitute

Additional members

Inga-Lena Assarsson, administrative coordinator

Volodymyr Mazorchuk, director of graduate studies

Shumin Pan, finance officer

Inger Sigstam, director of undergraduate studies