Complex system working lunch (CoSy): Feedbacks in bacterial systems using intraspecies communication

  • Date: –13:00
  • Location: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1 Å4003
  • Lecturer: Christina Kuttler
  • Organiser: CIM
  • Contact person: Marcus Westerberg
  • Seminarium

Feedbacks in bacterial systems using intraspecies communication

Quorum sensing (QS) is a mechanism which enables
many bacterial species to coordinate their behaviour via release and
uptake of signalling molecules.

More and more bacterial species using such a
mechanisms are known, including many details about the underlying
gene regulation processes. QS may control very different bacterial
processes, like pathogeneity, production of public and private goods,
but also to some extent resistance against „stressors“. 

Within the gene regulation systems, but also on
the population level, there are several positive and negative
feedback loops interacting in a complex, highly nonlinear way.
Mathematical modelling helps to understand their influences on the
dynamics of such systems. We introduce mathematical modelling
approaches in the form of ODEs, DDEs and PDEs. 

One goal of a better understanding is the
potential usage of these processes for a better control of bacterial
populations and their behaviour.