Social Events

Welcome Reception on June 24th
The Welcome Reception will be held at The Orangery in Linnéträdgården on Sunday June 24th between 5 PM and 7 PM. Linnéträdgården is the old botanical garden in Uppsala and was the home of Carolus Linneaus. There will be someone from the conference to meet you at the gate since you don’t have to pay the admission price. Find out more about how to get to Linnéträdgården here.

Excursion to Gamla Uppsala on June 27th
The excursion to Gamla Uppsala will be on Wednesday afternoon. The buses will leave Campus Blåsenhus at 3:30 and return at 6:30. At Gamla Uppsala there will be a 80 minutes tour of the museum and the royal burial mounds and then there be be some free time to have a look at the ruins and the church before the buses back leave at 6 PM. You can read more about the museum here.

Conference Dinner on June 28th
The Conference Dinner will be at Restaurant Borgen on Thursday June 28th at 7 PM. The adress is Orphei Drängars Plats 1 and if the weather is good the welcome drink will be held outside by the river.