Dirichlet Spaces

Item 39, Untitled. Topic: Bilinear forms, Dirichlet spaces, 3 pages (pdf). Ends with a question.

Item 41: Notes on Harmonic Analysis written for Deny, Jan 1963 (pdf). Topic: Balayage and sampling. With application to negative definite functions. 5 pages. The first 3.5 pages are included into Beurling's lectures on Balayage of Fourier Stieltjes Transforms, CW-2, 341–350. The last 1.5 pages contain application to negative definite functions.

Item 55: Untitled (pdf). Topic: Lemma on Fourier transforms of positive measures with applications to negative-definite functions. Ends with a conjecture. Handwritten, 3 pages.

Iteem 56: Untitled (pdf). Topic: Potential theory on discrete Abelian groups. Maximum principles. Handwritten note. 2 pages.

Item 57: Untitled (pdf). Topic: Dirichlet spaces. Handwritten note. 4 pages The pages are not numbered. Apparently, the first scanned page should be the last one.

Item 68: Untitled (pdf). Handwritten note on negative definite functions, pp. 1–4.

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