Degree Project Matchmaking Event in Maths

  • When: Tuesday 5 December at 11:30-13:00
  • Where: Ångström Laboratory. See you at the reception (find on map) at 11:30 am. Between 12:00-13:00 when you meet the students we are in room 101260 (find on map). Free guest parking (8 spaces) is available in the car park at the southern end of Ångström, please let us know in advance.
  • Registration of interest can be found at the bottom of the page

Get help with advanced problem solving, bring in skills you may be lacking and get to know a potential future employee. All this while giving a student the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in the real world and get to know your organisation.

The ways to meet students in a degree project can be different. The student may be the one who comes up with the ideas and wants to specialise in a particular area of expertise, or you may already have projects in mind. It does not have to be a fully described assignment, but here you can get help from us at the university to discuss ideas about scope and level of specialisation.

How is the event organised?

  • We provide lunch, coffee/tea.
  • We start 30 minutes before the students arrive by eating lunch while we talk about what is expected of a degree project, who does what and what resources are required and what results can be expected. There will also be time to ask questions.  
  • When the students arrive, you can first give a quick presentation of the company's business and possible project idea or possible areas for it. 2-5 minutes (depending on how many people come and present).
  • You will have access to an exhibition table so that the students can walk around and talk to you.

Who is invited?

In addition to our alumni and other external contacts, we invite second- and third-year students on the Bachelor's Programme in Mathematics and all our students on the Master's Programme in Mathematics. Programme coordinators will be there to provide information and answer questions.

The scope of a degree project

In the Bachelor's programme, a degree project of 15 credits is usually done during 20 weeks at half-time and in the Master's programme, a degree project of 30 credits is normally done during 20 weeks full-time.

When is the degree project expected to take place?

The degree project is usually done in the last semester of the programme, which is the spring semester. It is also possible to do it in other parts of the year, which some of our students do. Of those who are in the final year of the programme now, not all have chosen a thesis for the spring semester yet and those who have chosen are also able to change. If you do not have time to develop a well-thought-out project ready to be done already in the spring or if you do not find the right student for the job, you also meet students who will do their thesis later and then there is more time to plan. Maybe you can even get an interested student to adapt their course choices to have what will be required to work with you.

Give students the chance to prepare

Whether you have a more or less finished idea for a degree project or not, you may, if you wish, send in advance a presentation about that idea, or about an area or project you are working on where there are problems or development opportunities that are suitable for a degree project. We can then let the students take part in this so that they have the chance to prepare for their meeting with you and then think about questions or ideas about how they can contribute.

Are you unable to participate but still want to reach our students?

Now there was short notice for this first degree project event. If you do not have the opportunity to participate or need more preparation time, let us know and we can either provide a presentation as presented in the paragraph above plus a contact information, or you can present your interest only to us so that we may be able to provide contact for those who want to do thesis work in the summer or next autumn. Otherwise, we plan to repeat the event next autumn and then earlier in the semester and with a longer lead time.   

We can help

When our students do an external degree project, in addition to a supervisor at your workplace, they also have a subject reviewer from the Department of Mathematics who ensures that the work has the level and scope required for the course. He or she is involved from the beginning and helps to come up with a project with the right scope and level. The subject reviewer must approve the project before it starts and is also the one who assesses when the work is ready for presentation.

If you are interested in offering a degree project to our students (whether you can come to the event or not), please fill in our enquiry form:

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Feel free to contact us with any questions:

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