Program SWIM 2014

 The full program

Confirmed speakers

  1. Nicolas Delanoue, slidesInterval analysis and optimal transport

  2. Luc Jaulin, slidesSeparators: a new interval tool to bracket solution sets; application to path planning

  3. Mohamed Saad Ibn Seddik, slidesSet-Membership Approach To Hunter-Prey Problem

  4. Katsuhisa Ozaki, slidesAcceleration of Interval Matrix Multiplication by Mixed-Precision Arithmetic

  5. Daniel Wilczak, slidesContinuation of stable elliptic periodic orbits

  6. Milan Hladík, slidesPositive Semidefiniteness and Positive Definiteness of a Linear Parametric Interval Matrix

  7. Nacim Ramdani, slidesSolving Interval Quadratic Programming via a Monotonicity-based Approach

  8. Nacim Ramdani, slidesNonlinear hybrid reachability analysis using set integration, constraint propagation and zonotope enclosures

  9. Tagkeshi Ogita, slidesIterative Refinement for Singular Value Decompositions

  10. Jaroslav Horácek, slidesIntroducing LIME - general interval toolbox for Matlab/Intlab

  11. Nathalie Revol, slidesImplementation of affine arithmetic using floating-point arithmetic: how to handle roundoff errors

  12. Julien Alexandre dit Sandretto, slidesNewton Contractor of Least Square Solution Set for Overconstrained Systems

  13. Walid Taha, slidesAn Interval Domain for Partial Continuous Maps

  14. Marco Nehmeier, slidesCorrectly Rounded Dot Product in CUDA

  15. Khaoula Lassoued, slidesCooperative localization of mobile robots with biased measurements by using Constraint Propagation

  16. Vincent Drevelle, slidesInterval based 3D-mapping of an island with a sector-scan sonar

  17. Irmina Walawska, slidesC1 - Hermite-Obreschkoff algorithm

  18. Jeremy Nicola, slidesToward the hybridization of probabilistic and set-membership methods for the localization of an underwater vehicle

  19. Daniel Wilczak, slidesThe CAPD library - a C++ toolbox for validated numerics for dynamical systems

  20. Jürgen Wolff von Gudenberg, slidesModeling Intervals in P1788

  21. Warwick Tucker, slidesFinding sinks for the Hénon map

  22. Anna Belova, slidesEstimation of the rotation number by interval methods

  23. Alexandru Stancu, slidesComputing fault tolerant capture tubes