Education at the Department of Mathematics

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Do you enjoy mathematics and want to take your skills to the next level? As a student at the Master's Programme in Mathematics, you will get deeper insight in most major and topical areas of mathematics. Since all the teachers at the programme are also active researchers with many international contacts, your studies will provide you access to the modern mathematical world.

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Doctoral studies in mathematics

If you want to do research in mathematics, you can apply for our PhD-programme.

Study environment

Mathematics students study at campus Ångström. The campus is located twenty minutes walk from the castle and the botanical garden.

At the beginning of each academic year, the university and the student unions arrange welcome activities for new students. The activities are an appreciated introduction to the student city of Uppsala.

Academic traditions at Uppsala University

For elementary school students: Math Club

Math Club Uppsala is a collaboration between Uppsala municipality and the Department of Mathematics. It is an activity for children who are good at math, but want to explore more difficult math than the subject at school. The math that is discussed at the meetings lies usually outside the school program and the focus is on developing problem-solving and reasoning skills.

Math Club's website

For secondary school students

Uppsala math circle

Uppsala Math Circle is a course tailored for students interested in math. The course is a mix of theoretical and problem solving sessions. 

Co-supervision of secondary school projects

We offer the opportunity to write upper secondary school projects with the support of the department's mathematician as a co-supervisor. Click on the title link to read more.

Last modified: 2023-09-18