PhD courses


As part of the PhD programme, each students gives three seminars within their research area. The seminars take place during the second, third and fourth year of the programme and give a total of 6 credits. 

PhD seminars at the Department of Mathematics

Essén Lectures

These lectures are presented by distinguished experts and directed to a general audience of PhD students. Students who complete the assignments get 3hp. The lecture series is named after Professor Matts Essén (1932-2003), who worked at Uppsala University until his retirement in 1997.

Next Essén lectures: 5-9 June 2023, Tuomas Hytönen (Helsinki)

Previous Essén lectures:

2020-2022 No Essén lectures due to COVID-19
2019 Hubert Bray (Duke) Geometry, Black Holes, and Dark Matter: An Introduction
2018 Ioannis Karatzas (Columbia)  Stochastic finance
2017 Jacob Rasmussen (Cambridge)  Knot polynomials and knot homologies
2016 Christian Krattenthaler (Vienna)  The art of bijection
2015 Wilhelm Schlag (Chicago)  An introduction to nonlinear wave equation
2014 Francois Baccelli (Austin)  Stochastic geometry
2013 Alexander Kleshchev (Oregon)  The symmetric group: its combinatorics, representations and applications
2012 Jens Marklof (Bristol)  Emerging applications of homogeneous dynamics: From discrete mathematics to statistical physics

Autumn 2022

PhD course in probability and statistics, 5 credits

Teacher: Svante Janson

Tensor categories, 5 credits

Teacher: Volodymyr Mazorchuk

Spring 2023

PhD course in analysis, 5 credits

Teacher: Anders Karlsson

Average-case complexity and statistical inference, 5 credits

Teacher: Fiona Skerman

Autumn 2023

Algebraic groups 5 hp

Teacher: Seidon Alsaody och Marion Jeannin

Concentration inequalities and logarithmic Sobolev inequalities 5 hp

Teacher: Benny Avelin

Spring 2024

PhD course in topology and geometry 5 hp

Teacher: Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell

Clifford algebra, geometric algebra, and applications 5 hp

Teacher: Douglas Lundholm

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