Puzzles with prizes

General information

Below you will find the name and problem description for the latest puzzles. Any student can participate by following the instructions in the problem description and submitting an answer before the deadline. The best* answers to each problem are rewarded with a prize at the next summit of matematiska föreningen.

If you have any questions regarding the puzzles or would like to suggest a future puzzle, feel free to leave your input by sending an email to puzzleswithprizes@gmail.com

*This is decided by a jury but in general the criteria are evident from the problem description.

November 2021 - Dice in a jar

Problem description:

There is a jar filled with dice in the department of mathematics. How many dice does it contain?

A jar filled with dice

The jar can be contemplated through the window of office Å14264 in the mathematics department. You can follow the following link to get to a maze map view to get to the room.


The jar, the dice and a book.

Note: There is sufficient information available to produce an answer that is better than a completely random guess. Answers are judged not only by distance to the true number of dice but also on how the answer was deduced - hence, the participants are strongly encouraged to include a short but clear explanation of their reasoning in their answer.

Submission details:

Submit your solution by text in an email or a file (preferrably as a PDF or jpg in that case) by sending an email to puzzleswithprizes@gmail.com, no later than 23:59, 30/11/2021, using the title "Dice in a jar".



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