The mathematics seminar for students


The mathematics seminar is a seminar series for students at the bachelor's programme in mathematics. Other students interested in mathematics are also welcome to participate.

In the autumn seminars, we focus on initial insights into the subject of mathematics. This spring's seminars shed light on ongoing mathematical research.

Contact for the mathematics seminar: Martin Herschend

Upcoming seminars, autumn 2022

Wednesday, 7 December: Oleksandra Gasanova

Time: 10:15

Place: Å80101.

Title: Conway-Coxeter frieze patterns and their combinatorics


Frieze patterns often occur in architecture and decorative art as infinite strips with repeated patterns. In mathematics, a frieze pattern is a grid of positive numbers consisting of a finite number of infinite rows and satisfying a certain rule. In my talk I will give a definition of a frieze pattern, justify the word "pattern", which is not clear from the definition, and discuss some combinatorial aspects of integer frieze patterns.

Last modified: 2022-11-22