Summer Math Camp 2019

The 2019 Summer Math Camp will be titled “Privacy-aware Data Analysis of Memes in Social Networks: Theory and Models”. The goal of this summer camp is to give undergraduate students an idea of the nature of mathematical research. The camp is a 4-weeks-long program where the students will attend lectures and do some research on small projects.

This year's focus

This Math Camp will focus on the analysis of a dataset containing over a billion socialmedia communication events in the Swedish Twitterverse. The needed statistical decision theory and its extensions for preserving privacy will be covered along with the probability models of communications and transmissions of memes. As part of the project, students will analyse these datasets using scalable computational methods.


Potential candidates are expected to have background knowledge in basic
probability theory, calculus, and algebra as well as some familiarity with programming.
Any undergraduate student who satisfies these prerequisites can apply for participation
in the Summer Math Camp. The application should consist of:

  1. A CV of the applicant. The CV should specify all relevant information, such as (but not limited to) all courses the applicant has finished in the past (including the grade obtained), and all courses the applicant is currently following.
  2. A letter of motivation written by the applicant.

For the accepted student, the camp is free of charge and upon completion the student will be provided with a one-time payment of 12,000 Swedish crowns. We will not accept any student we believe will be unable to complete the course.

Selection process

All applications will be reviewed by the Organisation Committee. The organisers may, if needed, interview the potential candidates. The applications should be sent to Tilo Wiklund no later than the 31st of March 2019. The accepted students will be announced in early May, with all interviews conducted during April.


Tilo Wiklund 
Raazesh Sainudiin 

Last year's edition

Last year, four students participated in the Summer math camp. They have shared their thoughts about the camp.

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