Kommande kollokvier

Søren Galatius
Tidpunkt: Fredag 2 december klockan 15.15.
Lokal: Polhemsalen.

Titel: Generators and relations for certain topological monoids.

Abstrakt: Any group or monoid admits a presentation by a set of generators and a set of relations, and sometimes a lot can be learned by looking for presentations with a small number of generators and relations. I will discuss an analogous question for topological monoids, i.e. monoids that are also topological spaces such that the product map is continuous. In this case presentations generalize to "cell structures" in which generators are called 0-cells, relations are called 1-cells, but there are also 2-cells, 3-cells, and so on, which have no classical analogue. For interesting topological monoids a lot may be learned by looking for a cell structure with a small number of cells in each dimension. Time permitting, I will discuss an application of this notion to certain topological monoids related to moduli spaces and to algebraic K-theory. This is joint work with Alexander Kupers and Oscar Randal-Williams

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