Presentationer av Examensarbete C

  • Datum:
  • Plats: Ångströmlaboratoriet 4005
  • Föreläsare: Elizaveta Lokteva Erik Bertse
  • Kontaktperson: Vera Koponen
  • Seminarium

10:15 Elizaveta Lokteva: Dehn's Lemma and Tangent Lines to Smooth Knots
11:15 Erik Bertse: Parking simulation


10:15: Elizaveta Lokteva

Titel: Dehn's Lemma and Tangent Lines to Smooth Knots

Sammanfattning: In this degree project, we study the conclusions that can be drawn from the number of times that the tangent lines of a knot intersect the knot again. We prove that if no tangent line to the knot intersects the knot in a point other than the point of tangency, then the knot is trivial. To do this, we use a lemma of 3-dimensional topology, whose proof we also present. We also discuss the conclusions about the knot type that can be drawn if there are n tangent lines intersecting the knot again, for n>0.

11:15: Erik Bertse

Titel: Parking simulation

Abstract: How can your choice of parking along a street impact your fellow parkers? In this project, we investigate the effects of different parking strategies on a street. In our simulational approach, we have implemented a model of a street, visited by parkers with different strategies. We have then investigated how our defined metrics of efficiency are impacted by different strategy choices. The results show that some strategies are more significant than others, and we can treat them as belonging to two different families of strategies. We also see that the length plays a role, in relation to a given strategy. If we want our fellow parkers to fit on our streets, this document will tell you how not to park.