New doctor in algebra tells about his thoughts


In September, Love Forsberg successfully defended his doctoral thesis. We asked him about his thoughts the day after the dissertation.

Love Forsberg at the dissertation party

Yesterday, you defended your dissertation to earn a doctoral degree in algebra. Congratulations! How does it feel?

It's a blissful mix of relief, joy, emptiness and expectation. But mostly joy. I have spent a decade at Uppsala university, from studying mathematics/computer science, to the master's program in pure mathematics followed by doctoral studies. It's a decade that has taught me a lot and where I've met many interesting and kind people.

What's next?

If I got this question a week ago, I would have said that I would be a programmer, or possibly a high school teacher in mathematics. But then something happened. The questions I received from the opponent and the grading committee were very inspiring, so I have to ad post-doc positions among the jobs I'm looking for. Clearly, I don't want to leave math and logic behind me. It would also be fun if I could get a finite Erdős number.

About Erdős number