Previous seminars


2023-02-07 Julia Sauter (Bielefeld) Tilting theory in exact categories


2022-12-13 Juergen Fuchs (Karlstad) String-net modular functors
2022-11-29 Pablo Ocal (Bonn) Lattices, the Balmer spectrum, and representations of algebras
2022-11-15 Rene Marczinzik (Stuttgart) Auslander regular algebras and Koszul duality
2022-11-01 Jieru Zhu (Louvain) Superalgebra deformations of the web categories
2022-10-18 Marion Jeannin (Uppsala) Analogues of Morozov's theorem: an integration question, from complex to positive characteristic settings
2022-10-04 Markus Thuresson (Uppsala) Investigating quasi-hereditary structures using combinatorics of binary trees
2022-09-20 Chun-Ju Lai (Taipei) Quasi-hereditary covers, Hecke subalgebras and quantum wreath product
2022-09-06 Jonathan Gruber (Singapore) Minimal tilting complexes and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials
2022-06-09 Hassan Ali (Uppsala) Exceptional Groups and Their Generators
2022-06-03 Hin Chung Henry Tsang (Uppsala) Higher Auslander algebras of higher preprojective algebras
2022-05-31 Rosa Maria Miro-Roig (Universitat de Barcelona) Groebner Problem
2022-05-31 Volkmar Welker (Philipps-Universitaet Marburg) Matroid Type Complexes with Orthogonality Relations
2022-05-24 Einar Waara (Uppsala) The weak Lefschetz property of Artinian monomial algebras corresponding to simplicial complexes
2022-05-24 Mikolaj Cuszynski-Kruk (Uppsala) Perron-Frobenius theorem and Z_{>=0}[S_3]-semimodules
2022-05-17 Bim Gustavsson (Uppsala) The classification of finite-dimensional complex semi-simple Lie algebras and Serre's theorem.
2022-05-03 Jonathan Lindell (Uppsala) Relative Hochschild cohomology
2022-05-03 Marco Mackaay (Algarve) 2-Representations of affine type A Soergel bimodules: some observations and examples
2022-04-19 Joseph Grant (UEA) Frobenius algebras and fractional Calabi-Yau categories
2022-04-05 Rosa Orellana (Dartmouth College) Plethysm and uniform block permutations
2022-03-22 Eric Marberg (Hongkong) Gelfand W-graphs and perfect models for finite Coxeter groups
2022-03-08 Alexandra Utiralova (MIT) Harish-Chandra bimodules in complex rank
2022-02-22 Xiaoyu Zhu (Shanghai/Uppsala) Lie super-bialgebra structures and quantization on the Lie superalgebra of Witt type
2022-02-08 Elin Persson Westin (Uppsala) Tilting modules and exceptional sequences for a family of dual extension algebras
2022-01-25 Maud De Visscher (London) Defining an affine partition algebra


2021-12-14 Victoria Lebed (Caen) The word problem for certain Hecke-Kiselman monoids
2021-11-30 Ehud Meir (Aberdeen) Interpolations of monoidal categories by invariant theory
2021-11-16 Vanessa Miemietz (Norwich) The N-stable category
2021-11-02 James Macpherson (Norwich) Generalisations to Infinity in Finitary 2-Representation Theory
2021-10-19 Inna Entova-Aizenbud (Ben Gurion University) McKay Trees
2021-10-05 Bim Gustavsson (Uppsala) On the classification of simple weight sl_2(C)-modules
2021-09-21 Mateusz Stroinski (Uppsala) Weighted colimits of 2-representations and star algebras
2021-09-07 Lutz Hille (Muenster) Cluster tilting for algebraic varieties
2021-06-01 Isak Matsson (Uppsala) Algebras in Monoidal Categories
2021-05-25 Pablo Zadunaisky (Buenos Aires) Highest weight categories of representations of gl(infinity)
2021-05-18 Gregoire Naisse (Bonn) A categorification of the Lawrence--Krammer--Bigelow braid group representation using 2-Verma modules
2021-05-11 Magdalena Wiertel (Warsaw) Structure and representations of Hecke-Kiselman algebras
2021-05-04 Jonathan Axtell (Sung Kyun Kwan University) Cellularity of generalized Schur algebras
2021-04-20 Laura Colmenarejo (UMass Amherst) An insertion algorithm for diagram algebras
2021-04-13 Robert Laugwitz (Nottingham) Non-semisimple modular tensor categories and relative centers
2021-03-30 Shraddha Srivastava (Uppsala) The multiset partition algebra
2021-03-16 Rene Marczinzik (Stuttgart) Distributive lattices and Auslander regular algebras
2021-03-02 Elizaveta Vishnyakova (Belo Horizonte) Donagi-Witten construction and a graded covering of a supermanifold
2021-02-16 Sondre Kvamme (Uppsala) Admissibly finitely presented functors for exact categories
2021-02-02 Ruoyu Wang (Uppsala) Symmetric function and Kronecker coefficient
2021-01-19 Jonathan Lindell (Uppsala) Hochschild Cohomology and Support Varieties


2020-12-08 Mateusz Stroinski (Uppsala) Simple transitive 2-representations of bimodules via localization
2020-11-24 Christoffer Soederberg (Uppsala) The Nakayama Automorphism and Koszul Properties of Preprojective Algebras of n-Representation Finite Species
2020-11-10 Markus Thuresson (Uppsala) The Ext-algebra of standard modules over dual extension algebras
2020-10-27 Oleksandra Gasanova (Uppsala) On Lefschetz properties of graded artinian algebras
2020-10-13 Elin Persson Westin (Uppsala) Tilting modules and exceptional sequences for leaf quotients of type A zig-zag algebras
2020-09-29 Michele Del Zotto (Uppsala) g-defects: structures into the wild
2020-09-15 Hankyung Ko (Uppsala) Kostant's problem and a monoidal action of projective functors
2020-09-01 Rafael Mrden (Uppsala) Bigrassmannian permutations and Verma modules
2020-06-09 Helena Jonsson (Uppsala) Cells and 2-representations of bimodules over Nakayama algebras
2020-05-26 Sandra Berg (Uppsala) Global dimension of (higher) Nakayama algebras
2020-05-19 Alejandra Perez (Uppsala) Quivers for semigroup algebras of binary relations of small rank
2020-04-28 Mateusz Stroinski (Uppsala) Self-injective cores and (non-)cell 2-representations
2020-03-10 Spencer Backman (Vermont) Simplicial generation of Chow rings of matroids
2020-03-03 Samu Potka (KTH) Cyclic sieving on circular Dyck paths
2020-02-18 Anne Schilling (UC Davis) A crystal structure for stable Grothendieck polynomials
2020-02-04 Christian Krattenthaler (Wien) Advanced Determinant Calculus
2020-01-14 Valentin Buciumas (Queensland) Whittaker functions on p-adic groups and solvable lattice models


2019-12-17 Hugh Thomas (Montreal) The fundamental theorem of finite semi-distributive lattices
2019-12-10 Alexander Engstroem (Helsinki) Standard monomials of I(P) for P in {0,1}^n in C^n
2019-12-10 Milo Orlich (Helsinki) Linearization of a monomial ideal
2019-12-10 Laura Jakobsson (Helsinki) Families of cellular resolutions, their representations and finitely generated syzygies
2019-12-03 Gustavo Jasso (Bonn) The symplectic geometry of higher Auslander algebras
2019-11-19 Alexander Berglund (Stockholm) Lie models and tautological classes for automorphisms of fiber bundles
2019-11-05 Hankyung Ko (Uppsala) Quantum polynomial functors
2019-10-15 Dan Petersen (Stockholm) Factorization statistics and bug-eyed configuration spaces
2019-10-01 Rafael Mrden (Uppsala) BGG complexes in singular blocks of category O
2019-09-17 Teresa Conde (Stuttgart) The Gabriel-Roiter measure and the finiteness of the representation dimension
2019-09-03 Sofia Tirabassi (Stockholm) The Brauer group of bielliptic surface
2019-06-25 Andriy Oliynyk (Kyiv) Finite state wreath powers of semigroups and groups
2019-06-25 Seidon Alsaody (Alberta) On the classification of quantum groups by descent and cohomology
2019-06-04 Petter Bergh (Trondheim) Modules of constant Jordan type for quantum complete intersections
2019-06-04 Karin Erdmann (Oxford) Periodicity of selfinjective algebra
2019-06-04 Patrick Le Meur (Oxford) Actions of Hopf Algebras and Calabi-Yau Duality
2019-05-21 Christoffer Soederberg (Uppsala) Category O for Takiff sl_2
2019-05-14 Jordan McMahon (Graz) Singularity categories in higher Auslander-Reiten theory
2019-05-07 Sigiswald Barbier (Ghent) The blocks of the periplectic Brauer algebra
2019-05-07 Aban Zehra Husain (Uppsala) Verma Modules, The Weyl Character Formula and Embedding Theorems
2019-04-23 Marco Mackaay (Algarve) The 2-representation theory of Soergel bimodules
2019-04-23 Daniel Tubbenhauer (Zuerich) All I know about Artin-Tits groups
2019-04-16 Vanessa Miemietz (Norwich) Coidempotent subcoalgebras and extensions of 2-representations
2019-04-09 Anne-Laure Thiel (Caen) A Soergel category for cyclic groups
2019-04-02 Gabriele Bocca (Uppsala) Koszul properties of some quasi-hereditary zigzag path categories
2019-03-05 Ivan Martino (Stockholm) The geometry of subspace arrangements of finite groups
2019-02-26 Jakob Palmkvist (Gothenburg) Tensor hierarchy algebras
2019-02-12 Elizaveta Vishnyakova (Belo Horizonte/Bonn) Invariant subalgebras in a skew-group ring and their modules
2019-01-29 Gregory Smith (Kingston/Stockholm) Sums of squares on real projective varieties


2018-12-18 Helena Jonsson (Uppsala) Cell structure of bimodules over Nakayama algebras
2018-12-18 Samuel Pettersson (Uppsala) Searching for self-injective planar quivers with potential
2018-12-11 Sondre Kvamme (Bonn) The singularity category of a dZ-cluster tilting subcategory
2018-12-04 Rowena Paget (Kent) The plethysm problem
2018-12-04 Rolf Farnsteiner (Kiel) Indecomposable modules, Mckay quivers and ramifications
2018-12-04 Petter Andreas Bergh (Trondheim) Matrix factorizations for self-orthogonal modules
2018-11-27 Chrysostomos Psaroudakis (Thessaloniki) Explicit right adjoints between homotopy categories
2018-11-20 Lorenzo Guerrieri (Catania) Asymptotic invariants of ideals with Noetherian symbolic Rees algebra and applications to cover ideals
2018-11-06 Oleksandra Gasanova (Uppsala) On the Ratliff-Rush closure of monomial ideals
2018-10-23 Rafael Mrden (Zagreb) BGG complexes in singular infinitesimal character via Penrose Transform
2018-10-16 Ruari Walker (Paris) Affine Hecke algebras and generalisations of quiver Hecke algebras for type B
2018-10-02 Walter Mazorchuk (Uppsala) Gelfand-Zeitlin modules and divided difference operators
2018-09-18 Julian Kuelshammer (Uppsala) Differential biquivers and the tame-wild dichotomy theorem
2018-09-04 Wushi Goldring (Stockholm) Propagating algebraicity of automorphic representations via Langlands functoriality
2018-06-12 Andrea Pasquali (Uppsala) Jacobian algebras and their skew group algebras
2018-06-05 Petter Restadh (Uppsala) The selfinjective Nakayama algebras and their complexity
2018-05-22 Daniel Ahlsen (Uppsala) Krull-Schmidt-Remak and Jordan-Hölder in abelian categories
2018-05-08 Jonathan Nilsson (Orebro) Representation theory for Lie algebras of vector fields
2018-04-17 Markus Thuresson (Uppsala) Drinfeld center
2018-03-27 Vanessa Miemietz (Norwich) Analogues of centralizer subalgebras for fiat 2-categories
2018-03-21 Michael Ehrig (Sydney) Lie superalgebras via Schur-Weyl duality and categorification
2018-03-21 Julian Kuelshammer (Stuttgart) Exceptional collections and ring extensions
2018-03-21 David Ploog (Berlin) Worm diagrams and full exceptional sequences of modules
2018-03-21 Elisa Postinghel (Loughborough) Newton-Okounkov bodies in algebraic geometry
2018-03-13 Marco D'Anna (Catania) Numerical duplication and its associated graded ring
2018-02-20 Michael Ehrig (Sydney) Relative cellular algebras
2018-02-13 Nancy Abdallah (Linkoeping) Combinatorial invariance of KLV polynomials for fixed point free involutions
2018-02-13 Steffen Oppermann (Trondheim) Change of rings and singularity categories
2018-01-30 Olof Bergvall (Uppsala) Moduli of genus three curves with symplectic level two structure


2017-12-12 Melanija Mitrovic (Nis/Västerås) Constructive semigroups with apartness - a new approach to semigroup theory
2017-11-07 Emre Sertoz (Leipzig) Enumerative geometry of double spin curves
2017-10-24 Chih-Whi Chen (Uppsala) Affine periplectic Brauer algebras
2017-10-10 Xiaoting Zhang (Uppsala) Pyramids, strict monoidal actions and 2-representations
2017-09-26 Victoria Gould (York) Purity of S-acts and coherency for monoids
2017-09-26 Mark Lawson (Edinburgh) Basic Boolean inverse monoids
2017-09-26 Stuart Margolis (Bar Ilan) Boolean Representations of Simplicial Complexes and Lattice Representations: Beyond Matroids
2017-09-19 Yu Liu (Uppsala) n-cluster tilting subcategories and localizations on extriangulated categories
2017-09-05 Andrea Pasquali (Uppsala) Self-injective quivers with potential from Postnikov diagrams
2017-08-22 Kevin Coulembier (Sydney) Representation theory of periplectic Lie and Brauer algebra
2017-06-08 Seidon Alsaody (Lyon) Schemes, sheaves, torsors and octonions: an application of Grothendieck's philosophy
2017-05-30 Elin Persson Westin (Uppsala) Tilting modules over n-cluster tilting subcategories
2017-05-16 Helena Jonsson (Uppsala) Bimodules over dual numbers
2017-04-20 Peter Jorgensen (Newcastle) Thick subcategories of d-abelian categories
2017-04-04 Simone Giovannini (Padova/Uppsala) n-representation infinite algebras from McKay quivers of metacyclic groups
2017-03-21 Lisa Nicklasson (Stockholm) The Lefschetz properties of monomial algebras of positive characteristic
2017-03-07 Love Forsberg (Uppsala) Multisemigroup of ideals arising from a cyclic quiver
2017-02-21 Xiaoting Zhang (Uppsala) Characterisation of k-split bimodules and its applications
2017-01-31 Hiroyuki Nakaoka (Kagoshima) Mutation via Hovey twin cotorsion pairs and model structures in extriangulated categories


2016-12-13 Jonas Hedman (Uppsala) 2-Categories and Yoneda Lemma
2016-11-29 Hankyung Ko (Bonn) Cohomology of quantum groups at roots of unity
2016-11-15 Andrea Pasquali (Uppsala) Tensor products of n-complete algebras
2016-10-25 Elin Westin (Uppsala) Generalisation of the Brenner-Butler tilting theorem
2016-10-11 Jan-Erik Roos (Stockholm) On commutative Koszul and non-Koszul algebras
2016-09-27 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) Thick subcategories of n-cluster tilting subcategories
2016-09-13 Vanessa Miemietz (Norwich) Categorification and p-adic GL_n
2016-06-09 Gustav Hammarhjelm (Uppsala) On division algebras of dimension 2^n admitting C_2^n as a subgroup of their automorphism group
2016-06-07 Max Morin (Uppsala)  n-representation finite algebras and cluster roots
2016-05-17 Qimh Xantcha (Stockholm)  Polynomial functors on pointed categories
2016-04-19 Andreas Holmstrom (Ã…lesund) Tannakian symbols (or How to explain motives to high-school students)
2016-03-08 Elin Gawell (Stockholm) Centers of partly (anti-) commutative quiver algebras
2016-02-23 Yu Liu (Uppsala) Hearts of cotorsion pairs on exact categories
2016-02-02 Victoria Gould (York) Maximal subgroups of free idempotent generated semigroups
2016-01-19 Marco Mackaay (Algarve) Categorified quantum groups, representations and intertwiners


2015-12-15 Vladimir Tkatjev (Linköping) Hsiang algebras
2015-12-08 Tobias Kildetoft (Uppsala) Decomposition of certain tensor products and character formulas for representations of algebraic groups
2015-11-24 Terry Gannon (Alberta/Karlstad) Mathieu Moonshine
2015-11-10 Naihong Hu (Shanghai) Loewy Filtration and Quantum de Rham Cohomology
2015-10-20 Ketil Tveiten  (Uppsala) Mutation of various things related to mirror symmetry for del Pezzo surfaces
2015-10-06 Markus Schmidmeier (Boca Raton) A Swiss Cheese type Theorem for linear operators with two invariant subspaces
2015-09-22 Aaron Chan (Uppsala) Curves on Riemann surfaces and complexes of Brauer graph algebras
2015-09-01 Fatma Al-Kharousi (Muscat) Studies in semigroups of contraction mappings of a finite chain
2015-08-18 Kevin Coulembier (Ghent) Ringel duality for parabolic category O
2015-06-02 Laertis Vaso (Uppsala) n-cluster tilting modules over quotients of path algebras of type A
2015-05-12 Benjamin Steinberg (New York) The representation theory of the full transformation monoids
2015-05-05 Peter Russell (Montreal) Actions of finite and multplicative groups on affine spaces
2015-04-28 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala) Representations of generalized symmetric groups
2015-04-21 Vladimir Tkatjev (Linköping) Non-associative algebras of minimal cubic cones
2015-04-14 Peter Joergensen (Newcastle) Generalised friezes and a modified Caldero-Chapoton map depending on a rigid object
2015-03-24 Osamu Iyama (Nagoya) Higher preprojective algebrars and Cohen-Macaulay representations
2015-03-17 Noriyuki Abe (Hokkaido/Paris) Loewy series of parabolically induced G_1-modules
2015-03-03 Petter Andreas Bergh (Trondheim) n-angulated caegories
2015-02-17 Hanno Becker (Bonn) Models for singularity categories and applications to knot homology
2015-02-03 Juergen Fuchs (Karlstad)  Defects and symmetries in three-dimensional topological field theories


2014-12-09 Olga Bershteyn (Copenhagen) Quantum groups and noncommutative analysis on quantum Hermitian symmetric spaces
2014-11-25 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) 2-representation finite algebras and tilting for one dimensional hypersurfaces
2014-11-04 Alessandro Oneto (Stockholm) Power ideals: from Fröberg conjecture to fat points
2014-10-21 Aaron Chan (Uppsala) Tilting theory of Brauer graph algebras
2014-09-30 Lilit Martirosyan (San Diego) The representation theory of the exceptional Lie superalgebras F(4) and G(3).
2014-09-16 Walter Mazorchuk (Uppsala) Dual projection functors in type A
2014-09-02 Isac Heden (Basel) The group of Cremona transformations generated by linear maps and the standard involution
2014-05-27 Alexander Stolin  (Göteborg) Classification of quantum groups and Lie bialgebra structures on sl(n,F): Relations with Brauer group
2014-05-13 Ornella Greco  (Stockholm) Syzygies of the Veronese modules
2014-04-29 Djalal Mirmohades (Uppsala) Simplicial structure on complexes
2014-04-08 Vanessa Miemietz (Norwich) Morita theory for finitary 2-categories
2014-03-25 Love Forsberg (Uppsala) Effective representation of truncated path semigroups
2014-03-11 Benjamin Nill (Stockholm) Combinatorial challenges of toric Fano varieties
2014-02-18 Olivier Mathieu (Lyon) Is it possible to classify all Z^N-graded Lie algebras?
2014-02-04 Jonathan Nilsson (Uppsala) The zoo of Lie algebra modules


2013-12-10 Kevin Coulembier (Uppsala) Bott-Borel-Weil theory for Lie superalgebras
2013-11-26 Erik Darpö (VästerÃ¥s) Self-injective n-representation-finite algebras
2013-11-12 Alexander Berglund (Stockholm) Koszul duality in algebraic topology
2013-10-15 Kevin Coulembier (Uppsala) Bott-Borel-Weil theory for Lie algebras
2013-10-01 Ivan Martino (Stockholm) The Ekedahl invariants for finite group
2013-09-17 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) Higher dimensional Auslander-Reiten theory
2013-09-06 Lucy Moser-Jauslin (Dijon) Some rational exotic affine threefolds and their automorphism groups
2013-09-03 Marco Mackaay (Algarve) The sl(N) web categories and categorified skew Howe duality
2013-06-04 Brendan Frisk Dubsky (Uppsala) Classification of simple complex weight modules with finite-dimensional weight spaces over the Schrödinger algebra
2013-05-21 David Rydh (Stockholm) Criteria for algebraicity and coherence
2013-05-07 Isac Heden (Uppsala) Algebraic G_a-actions on complex affine threefolds
2013-04-16 Martin Blomgren (Uppsala) Categorical homotopy theory and fibrations
2013-03-26 Axel Hultman (Linköping) Ubiquity of Schubert varieties defined by inclusions
Christian Krattenthaler 2013-03-05 Vanessa Miemietz (Norwich) Affine Cellularity of Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier algebras in type A
2013-02-26 Anne-Laure Thiel (Uppsala) Categorification of extended Hecke algebra and quantum Schur algebra of affine type A
2013-02-12 Ganna Kudryavtseva (Ljubljana) Quantales, inverse semigroups and etale groupoids
2013-02-05 Qimh Xantcha (Uppsala) On extensions of polynomial functors
2013-01-22 Linh Cao Huy (Uppsala) Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity of Tor-modules


2012-12-04 Matthias Schramm (Uppsala) Gelfand model for the Brauer algebra in the semisimple case
2012-11-27 Joanna Meinel (Bonn/Uppsala) Primitive Ideals of Generalized Weyl Algebras
2012-11-13 Hjalmar Rosengren (Göteborg) Three-coloured chessboards
2012-10-30 Brendan Frisk Dubsky (Uppsala) Classification of the two-dimensional real commutative division algebras via the method of double sign decomposition
2012-10-23 Victor Ufnarovski (Lund) Combinatoric in words and its applications
2012-09-18 Seidon Alsaody  (Uppsala) Induced group actions and finite dimensional real division algebras
2012-09-11 Henning Haahr-Andersen (Ã…rhus) Quantum groups with partially divided powers
2012-06-05 Anna-Louise Grensing (Bielefeld) Monoids of projection functors
2012-05-31 Love Forsberg (Uppsala) Effective representations of Hecke-Kiselman monoids of type A
2012-05-22 Emilie Wiesner (Ithaca) Whittaker modules for Lie superalgebras
2012-05-08 Kaiming Zhao (Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo) Irreducible representations of the Virasoro algebra
2012-03-27 Martin Bridson (Oxford/Mittag-Leffler Institute) Rigidity and automorphisms of surfaces and free groups
2012-03-22 Erik Darpö (Nagoya) The Loewy length of a tensor product of modules of a dihedral 2-group
2012-02-28 Peter Kroppholler (Glasgow) Generic open subsets of spheres and applications to the Bieri-Neumann-Strebel invariant
2012-02-21 Guillaume Tomasini (Strasbourg) Dual pair correspondence for weight modules
2012-02-07 Ganna Kudryavtsevsa (Ljubljana) On Stone duality and its non-commutative generalizations


2011-11-22 Carel Faber (Stockholm)  Modular forms and the cohomology of moduli spaces
2011-11-15 Vasyl Ostrovskyy (Kyiv) On Hilbert representations of partially ordered sets
2011-11-01 Luis Enrique Ramirez (Sao Paulo/Uppsala) Combinatorics of sl(3)-modules
2011-10-11 Ramon Horvath (Uppsala) On A_{\infty} algebras
2011-09-27 Aslak Buan (Trondheim) From triangulated categories to module categories via localisation
2011-05-31 Robin Kastberg (Uppsala) On induced modules over the full transformation monoid
2011-05-24 Jaroslaw Wisniewski (Warsaw) Differentials of Cox rings: Jaczewski's theorem revisited
2011-05-17 Benjamin Steinberg (Ottawa)  The representation theory of finite monoids
2011-04-12  Wojciech Chacholski (Stockholm) Symmetries and deformations of finite simple groups
2011-04-05 Frank Sottile (College Station) Orbitopes
2011-03-29 Qimh Xantcha (Stockholm) Polynomial functors
2011-03-08 Sarah Witherspoon (College Station) Support varieties and representation type
2011-02-15 Isac Hedén (Uppsala) Russell's hypersurface from a geometric point of view
2011-01-13 Karin Nilsson (Uppsala) Generation of the classical groups SO(4) and SO(8) by means of unit quaternions and unit octonions


2010-12-14 Veronica Crispin Quinonez (Uppsala) The Ratliff-Rush operation on an ideal
2010-11-23 Paul Martin (Leeds) Decomposition numbers for Brauer algebras
2010-11-09 Karin Baur (Zuerich) A frieze pattern determinant
2010-10-26 Martin Herschend (Nagoya) 2-representation-finite algebras
2010-10-05 Qimh Xantcha (Stockholm) Polynomial maps
2010-09-21 Catharina Stroppel (Bonn) 3j-symbols and categorification
2010-09-07 Joseph Chuang (London) A dual approach to representations of symmetric groups
2010-08-31 Vanessa Miemietz (Norwich) The extension algebra of GL_2
2010-06-01 Seidon Alsaody (Uppsala) Generalisations of the algebraic theory of connective segmentation
2010-06-01 Rune Suhr (Uppsala) Triality
2010-05-18  Djalal Mirmohades (Uppsala) N-complexes
2010-05-04 Semyon Konstein (Moscow) An example of simple Lie superalgebra with several invariant (nondegenerate symmetric) bilinear forms
2010-04-06 Maria Gorelik (Rehovot) On an analogue of Macdonald identities
2010-03-23  Boris Shapiro (Stockholm) On algebras counting spanning forests and trees


2009-12-15 Sandra Di Rocco (Stockholm) Toric polarized fibrations and Cayley polytopes
2009-11-03 Karl-Heinz Fieseler (Uppsala) The cylinder over Russel's hypersurface
2009-10-27 Erik Darpö (Oxford University) Four-dimensional power-commutative real division algebras
2009-10-20 Björn Selander (Uppsala) On Giraud's non-abelian cohomology
2009-10-06 Catharina Stroppel (Bonn) Generalised Khovanov algebras
2009-09-29 Punita Batra (Allahabad) A Problem related to Derivations of a Laurent Polynomial ring and Modules over pre-exp-polynomial Lie algebras
2009-09-15 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala) Describing supports of weight modules
2009-06-02 Love Forsberg (Uppsala) Four-dimensional absolute valued algebras
2009-05-26 Vyacheslav Furtorny (Sao Paulo) Structure of induced modules for Affine Kac-Moody algebras
2009-05-12 Ernst Dieterich (Uppsala) Real division algebras, restricted quiver representations, and Euclidean configurations
2009-04-07 Ekaterina Orekhova (Uppsala) Simple weight q(2)-modules
2009-03-31 Erik Darpö (Uppsala) The transformation algebra of a division algebra
2009-03-17 Johan Alm (Uppsala University) Infinitesimal extensions of Hirzebruch surfaces
2009-03-13 Martin Herschend (Nagoya) Solution to the Clebsch-Gordan problem for string algebras
2009-03-03 Daniel Larsson (Uppsala ) Moduli of Lie algebras as Deligne-Mumford stacks
2009-02-17 Isac Heden (Uppsala) Russell's hypersurface from a geometric point of view
2009-02-03 Wojciech Chacholski (Stockholm) Cellularity of groups


2008-11-11 Rowena Paget (Canterbury) Brauer algebras and Schur-Weyl dualities
2008-10-28 Johan Kaahrstroem (Uppsala) Kostant's problem and parabolic subgroups
2008-10-14 Vanessa Miemietz (Oxford) Schur algebras for GL_2
2008-09-30 Erik Darpö (Uppsala) On the representation ring of the polynomial algebra over a perfect field
2008-09-16 Karl-Heinz Fieseler (Uppsala) Tensor product of Hodge-Riemann modules
2008-09-02 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala) Gelfand models
2008-05-27 Daniel Skog (Uppsala) Isometrier i Poincarés halvplansmodell
2008-05-26 Antoine Durdek (Uppsala) Simple weight sl(2)-modules and their tensor products
2008-05-20 Valentina Chapovalova (Uppsala) Decomposition of Certain S_n-modules into Specht Modules
2008-03-18 Johan Kaahrstroem (Uppsala) A New Approach to Kostant's Problem


2007-18-12 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) On the representation rings of quivers of exceptional Dynkin type
2007-11-20 Sergiy Ovsienko (Kyiv) On the notion of a noncommutative order
2007-11-06 Oeyvind Soelberg (Trondheim)  Koszul theory for finite dimensional algebras
2007-10-23 Erik Darpö (Uppsala) Classification of pairs of rotations in finite-dimensional 
2007-10-09 Daniel Larsson (Uppsala) Moduli and deformations of Lie algebras
2007-09-25 Amy Glen (Montréal) Episturmian words: extremal properties and quasiperiodicity
2007-09-11 Johan Kaahrstroem (Uppsala) Tensoring with infinite-dimensional modules in O_0
2007-08-23 Ahmad Haghany (Isfahan) Endomorphism rings of semiprojective modules
2007-06-05 Anna Torstensson (Stockholm) Conjugacy classes in finite groups
2007-05-15 Alex Martsinkovsky (Boston)  Tails and Stable Homotopy Theory of Modules
2007-04-24 Gustaf Jonzon (Uppsala) The universal covering of the twice punctured plane
2007-04-17 Isac Heden (Uppsala) A C^3-like threefold which is not C^3
2007-03-20 Daniel Mondoc (Stockholm) Structurable algebras and Kantor triple systems
2007-03-13 Serge Ovisneko (Kyiv) Some finiteness statements for representations of gl_n
2007-02-27 Elizabeth Weldekidan (Uppsala) Perfect Codes and a construction of Golay Codes
2007-02-06 Björn Selander (UppsalaGalois action on three-point G-covers of the Riemann sphere and classification of branched covers in characteristic p


2006-12-12 Johan KÃ¥hrström (Uppsala) On a nice hypergeometic identity
2006-11-07 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala)  The idea of categorification for representation theory
2006-10-24 Ganna Kudryavtseva (Kyiv) Enlarging  a category by partial morphisms
2006-09-19 Catharina Stroppel (Glasgow)  Dynkin diagrams appear not only in Lie theory!
2006-05-16 Viacheslav Rabanovych (Kyiv) On sums of idempotent matrices and related questions
2006-05-09 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) Tensor Products on Quiver Representations
2006-04-25 Erik Darpö (Uppsala) Vector product algebras over general ground fields
2006-03-28 Jonas Hartwig (Göteborg) Ambiskew polynomial rings with Hopf structure
2006-03-14 Victor Maltcev (Kyiv) Representations of variants of semigroups


2005-12-20 Karin Erdmann (Oxford)  Tilting modules for GL(3) over characteristic 2
2005-11-29 Anders Frisk (Uppsala) The category O for the queer Lie superalgebra q(n)
2005-11-15 Ganna Kudryavtseva (Kyiv) L- and R-cross-sections in the Brauer semigroup
2005-11-01 Karl-Heinz Fieseler (Uppsala) Rings of invariants and rings of regular functions
2005-10-11 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala)  The category of linear complexes
2005-09-27 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) In which dimensions does a division algebra over a given ground field exist?
2005-09-13 Bjoern Selander (Uppsala) Kummer and Artin-Schreier theory formulated in terms of etale cohomology, with some applications to covers of curves
2005-08-23 Serge Ovsienko (Kyiv) Matrix Jordan algebras and their representations
2005-06-14 Catharina Stroppel (Glasgow) From Serre's functor to Serre functors in representation theory
2005-06-07 Mark Haiman (Berkeley) A combinatorial formula for Macdonald polynomials
2005-06-02 Jose Antonio Cuenca Mira (Malaga) On composition and absolute valued algebras
2005-05-17 Volodymyr Nekrashevych (Bremen) Iterated monodromy groups
2005-05-03 Magnus Hellgren (Uppsala) Invariant theory of Z_p over fields of characteristic p
2005-04-26 Johan KÃ¥hrström (Uppsala) A brief introduction to buildings
2005-04-19 Anders Frisk (Uppsala) Finitistic dimension of standardly stratified algebras
2005-04-15 Francois Bergeron (Montreal) Invariants of reflection groups, and coinvariant spaces
2005-04-05 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) Coverings and the Clebsch-Gordan problem for quiver representations
2005-03-22 Jonas Hartwig (Göteborg) Weight modules over twisted generalized Weyl algebras
2005-03-15 Pavlo Kolomiiets (Kyiv) On some generalization of Schubert varieties
2005-03-08 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala) Quasi-hereditary and properly stratified algebras
2005-03-01 Erik Darpö (Uppsala) Vector products and real division algebras
2005-02-22 Galyna Tsyaputa (Kyiv) Transformation semigroups under sandwich multiplication
2005-02-15 Ernst Dieterich (Uppsala) A survey on real division algebras
2005-02-08 Karl-Heinz Fieseler (Uppsala) Kombinatorisk Snitthomologi för polytop
2005-02-01 Serge Ovsienko  (Kyiv) Galois algebras


2004-12-09 Yuriy Drozd  (Kyiv) Derived categories of modules and coherent sheaves
2004-11-29 Daniel Simson  (Torun) Artin's problem on skew field extensions and hereditary artinian rings with two connected AR-components
2004-10-18 Andreas Juhl  (Uppsala) Verma modules and conformally invariant differential operators
2004-06-01 Serge Ovsienko  (Kyiv) Commutative subalgebras of non-commutative algebras
2004-05-27 Orlando Villamayor  (Madrid) An introduction to constructive resolution of singularities
2004-05-25 Henning Haahr Andersen  (Aarhus) Cohomology of line bundles
2004-04-27 William Crawley-Boevey  (Leeds) Multiplicative preprojective algebras and the Deligne-Simpson problem
2004-03-15 Claus Michael Ringel  (Bielefeld) Subgroups of finite abelian groups
2004-01-30 Catharina Stroppel  (Aarhus) Tangles, Temperley-Lieb and projective functors


2003-12-17 Birge Huisgen-Zimmermann  (Santa Barbara) Moduli spaces for finite dimensional representations
2003-12-10 Aidan Schofield  (Bristol) Noncommutative moduli spaces
2003-11-11 Vitaliy Sushchanskyy  (Kyiv/Gliwice) Groups acting on rooted trees
2003-10-24 Idun Reiten  (Trondheim) Modules of infinite length over finite dimensional algebras
2003-10-22 Anders Frisk  (Uppsala) Properly stratified algebras and tilting modules
2003-10-02 Gottfried Barthel  (Konstanz) Pythagorean Quadrisection of Squares and Rational Points on Certain Elliptic Curves
2003-09-12 Anton Cox  (London) Tilting tensor products and symmetric groups
2003-05-22 Serge Ovsienko  (Kyiv) Quasi-hereditary algebras, coalgebras over a category and A_\infty-categories
2003-05-15 Steffen Koenig (Leicester) Polynomial functors in prime degree
2003-05-08 Erik Darpö (Uppsala) Classification of the real flexible division algebras
2003-05-07 Alex Martsinkovsky  (Boston) A new approach to noncommutative Serre duality
2003-05-06 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) Solution of the Clebsch-Gordan problem for Kronecker representations
2003-03-14 Oleksandr Khomenko (Freiburg) Groebner basis of ideals in algebras with PBW basis and its applications
2003-02-28 Catharina Stroppel (Leicester) Categorifications of Hecke Algebra Quotients


2002-12-17 Jean-Paul Brasselet (Marseille) Characteristic Classes of singular Varieties
2002-12-13 Marcos Soriano (Bielefeld)  Producing "Big" Ext-Groups for Weyl Modules over GL
2002-12-06 Lars Lindberg (Uppsala) Dissident maps and real division algebras
2002-11-29 Lyudmyla Turowska (Göteborg) Decomposition of scalar matrix into a sum of idempotents
2002-10-01 Alison Parker (Oxford) On the Weyl filtration dimension of the induced modules for a linear algebraic group
2002-09-12 Reidun Twarock (London) New algebraic and group theoretical structures related to quasicrystals 
2002-08-13 Yuriy Samoilenko (Kyiv) Algebras generated by projections, their representations and applications 
2002-05-08 Anna Kudryavtseva  (Kyiv) Nilpotent transformation semigroups and their groups of automorphisms 
2002-05-03 Alex Martsinkovsky (Boston) Noncommutative Sheaf Cohomology over Koszul Quiver Algebras 
2002-04-18 Steffen König (Leicester) Repeating patterns in decomposition matrices of general linear groups 
2002-02-19 Olexandr Khomenko (Freiburg) Some applications of Gelfand-Zetlin Modules 
2002-02-13  Shoetsu Ogata (Erlangen) Frobenius splitting on toric varieties 
2002-02-12  Shoetsu Ogata (Erlangen) On generator of ideals defining toric varieties


2001-12-12 Jan Stevens (Göteborg) Semistable K3-surfaces and icosahedral symmetry 
2001-12-07 Marcos Soriano (Ã…rhus) The structure of generic Iwahori-Hecke algebras 
2001-11-26 Lyudmyla Turowska (Göteborg) Wild problems in the theory of *-representations of *-algebras  
2001-11-02 Björn Dundas (Trondheim) Recent trends and results in algebraic K-theory: a survey
2001-10-12 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala) Certain functors, associated with localizations of U(g)
2001-08-31 Ludger Kaup (Konstanz) Homology of Lower-dimensional Toric Varieties. 
2001-03-09 Florian Berchtold (Konstanz) Morphisms between toric varieties


2000-08-30 Ludger Kaup (Konstanz) Simplicial fans and cohomology
2000-05-23 Per Salberger (Chalmers) Aritmetik för toriska varieteter

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