Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

Analysis is one of the first areas of research in mathematics at Uppsala University. Our research today focuses on partial differential equations, geometry, mathematical physics and machine learning. The group is internationally active and has a weekly seminar where international speakers are often invited. See link below.

Contact persons in the area (link to article further down the page)

Contact persons in the area

Linear and non-linear partial differential equations:Benny AvelinErik LindgrenDouglas LundholmKaj NyströmSebastian SchwarzacherWolfgang Staubach

Mathematical analysis for AI and machine learningBenny AvelinKaj Nyström

Mathematical physics and geometrical analysis: Douglas LundholmWolfgang Staubach

Harmonic analysis and variation methodsKaj NyströmWolfgang StaubachSebastian SchwarzacherErik Lindgren

Spectral theory, theory of orthogonal polynomials, random matrix theory: Rostyslav Kozhan 

Last modified: 2022-12-15