Analysis and Probability Theory


The research program in analysis and probability theory at Uppsala University is very broad and includes researchers working in several different areas.

Analysis is one of the oldest and most important branches of mathematics and has always been strong in Uppsala, with eg Lennart Carleson who proved an important result on the convergence of Fourier series. Also, probability theory has a long and strong tradition in Uppsala. There is much in common between the two areas and many researchers in the program combine analysis and probability theory.

Some examples of the areas we research in at Uppsala university is analytic number theory, dynamical systems, linear and nonlinear partial differential equations, probability theory, stochastic calculus and applications in financial mathematics.

Seminars in Analysis and Probability Theory

The program includes several seminar series: Analysis and Stochastics, DNA (dynamical systems, number theory and analysis, jointly with KTH), financial mathematics and mathematical statistics (jointly with the research program Applied Mathematics and Statistics). The seminars are usually announced in the department's calendar.