Phd courses at CIM

Do you have an idea about a course that would be perfect for CIM? Send your suggestion to the director of CIM, Jörgen Östensson.

Upcoming courses

Spring 2023

Perturbation methods in mechanics. The course start March 20th. Contact: Antonio Segalini

Previous courses

Spring 2022

Scalable Data Science and Distributed Machine Learning. Contact: Raazesh Sainudiin

Autumn 2021

Quantum computation. Contact: Erik Sjöqvist

Graph based image processing and combinatorial optimization. Contact: Filip Malmberg

Autumn 2019

Sequential Monte Carlo methods. Contact: Thomas Schön

Deep Neural Networks for Beginners. Contact: Gabriele Messori

Spring 2019

Innovative clinical trials – Connecting theory and practice through adaptive designs and digital development. Contact: Yevgen Ryeznik

Spring 2018

Optimal designs and randomization techniques for clinical trials. Contact: Yevgen Ryeznik

360-in-525 Minutes Course Set in Data Sciences, (course page at LaMaStEx's website). Contact: Raazesh Sainudiin

Last modified: 2023-01-19