Available PhD projects

In the 2023 call for three PhD positions in interdisciplinary mathematics at CIM's PhD school UFV-PA 2023/583, the following doctoral projects are offered to choose from:

Project 1: Error minimization in quantum computation

Project 2: Autonomous decision making in automated cell profiling for drug discovery applications

Project 3: Modeling 3D rotation of polarizable, dynamic proteins in a time-dependent electric field for imaging purposes

Project 4: Global categorical symmetries and particle phenomenology

Project 5: Multi-parametric ultrasound imaging and reconstruction with deep learning

Project 6: Modeling rapid impact bone fractures

Project 7: Machine learning the geometry of string theory

Project 8: Field orientation of dipolar proteins in solution

Project 9: Elasto-hydro-dynamic analysis of architectured materials: Miniatured materials with fluid-solid interaction

Project 10: Multi-electrode stimulation enabling next-generation artificial retinas

Project 11: Process development in additive manufacturing of highly reactive alloys aided by machine learning and control theory

Project 12: Learning deep representations of drug combination mechanics

Project 13: Simulation-based inference on metal plating dynamics

Project 14: Robot planning and control subject to stochastic temporal tasks

Project 15: Novel machine learning methods for determination of protein structural ensembles from single molecule cryo electron microscopy

Project 16: Quantifying ice floe size distribution and its influence on the Arctic climate

Project 17: Electromagnetism in swedish crystalline bedrock: between wave and diffusion

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Last modified: 2023-02-17