Open call for proposals to projects for CIM PhD positions 2020


CIM is now preparing to announce PhD student positions, co-financed by CIM. Prospective advisors are invited to submit suggestions for projects.  

CIM is right now preparing to announce around four PhD student positions within the Center for Interdisciplinary Mathematics (CIM). The positions are planned to start from September 2020 (or some other time if mutually agreed upon with CIM).

All positions will be co-financed with CIM covering 50 per cent of the salary for research.

Prospective advisors are invited to submit suggestions for projects with interdisciplinary research and/or collaboration with industry/society, to be displayed at the CIM web pages. One of the advisors must be from Uppsala University, but the other(s) could be from other institutes and/or companies, but normally not from other universities.

The proposal should fulfill the main commitment of CIM: to support collaboration between researchers in mathematical topics and other fields within Uppsala University, and/or industry/society.

More details on the CIM PhD students’ conditions

The interdisciplinary and industrial aspects are important for CIM, and all projects should have both mathematical contents as well as themes that are of interest from a more applied perspective and/or from industry/society.

Please send your project descriptions (1–2 pages) to the director of CIM no later than January 17. CIM will prioritize proposals of projects from potential advisors with no current CIM PhD student. Normally only one proposal per potential advisor will be allowed.

The proposal should contain:

  • title and description of the project
  • who will be involved (hosting institution, advisor and co-advisors – normally from different departments and/or including industry/society)
  • a description of how the project is interdisciplinary, including a description of the content of research in a mathematical field and in an applied field and/or industry/society
  • how the hosting institution will co-finance the student (CIM will cover 50 per cent of the research salary).

The advertisement of accepted proposals will be published on the CIM website around February 7, and the deadline for applications from PhD students is around March 20