Phd courses at CIM

Do you have an idea about a course that would be perfect for CIM? Send your suggestion to the director of CIM, Jörgen Östensson.

Upcoming courses

Spring 2024

Bayesian Inference. Contact: Silvelyn Zwanzig

Multiphysics modeling and computation of coupled and nonlinear problems. Contact: B. Emek Abali

Previous courses

Autumn 2023

Mathematical foundations for computational science. Contact: Elisabeth Larsson

Perturbation methods in mechanics.  Contact: Antonio Segalini

Spring 2022

Scalable Data Science and Distributed Machine Learning. Contact: Raazesh Sainudiin

Autumn 2021

Quantum computation. Contact: Erik Sjöqvist

Graph based image processing and combinatorial optimization. Contact: Filip Malmberg

Autumn 2019

Sequential Monte Carlo methods. Contact: Thomas Schön

Deep Neural Networks for Beginners. Contact: Gabriele Messori

Spring 2019

Innovative clinical trials – Connecting theory and practice through adaptive designs and digital development. Contact: Yevgen Ryeznik

Spring 2018

Optimal designs and randomization techniques for clinical trials. Contact: Yevgen Ryeznik

360-in-525 Minutes Course Set in Data Sciences, (course page at LaMaStEx's website). Contact: Raazesh Sainudiin

Last modified: 2024-01-19