The department board

The board is the decision-making body of the department. The term of office for teachers and administrative staff is three years. For students, the term of office is one year. 


Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell, head of department

Substitute chair

Martin Herschend, deputy head of department

Teachers, regular members

Inger Sigstam

Erik Ekström

Martin Herschend

Jordi-Lluís Figueras

Teachers, group substitutes, in named order

Thomas Kragh

Rolf Larsson (also equal opportunities representative)

Magnus Jacobsson

Administrative staff, regular member

Annika Wibäck

Administrative staff, substitute

Mattias Landelius

PhD students, regular members

Joel Dahne

Darius Dramburg

PhD students, substitute

Tobias Mattsson

Students, regular member

Gustaf Nordin Holmqvist 

Students, substitute

Salomon Jonsevall 

Adjunct members

Administrative manager

Jörgen Hellberg

Last modified: 2023-09-08