PDEA Seminar: Minicourse on Microlocal Analysis - Part II

  • Date: –12:00
  • Location: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1 Å64119 + Zoom
  • Lecturer: Oliver Petersen
  • Organiser: Matematiska institutionen
  • Contact person: Kaj Nyström
  • Seminarium

Welcome to this seminar held by Oliver Petersen with the title "Minicourse on Microlocal Analysis - Part II".

Participate on site or via Zoom link, meeting ID 67226102216.

Abstract: In this mini course on microlocal analysis, we will discuss the following problem: Assume that we have a distributional solution to the standard linear wave equation with a smooth right hand side. What is the regularity of the solution? From the point of view of microlocal analysis, the answer would be that, firstly, the solution is smooth in all directions apart from the light cone and, secondly, the regularity is same along each light ray. The first lecture will discuss the first statement and the second lecture will discuss the second statement. Along the way, we will learn about microlocal regularity, wave front set, characteristic set, elliptic set and propagation of singularities. The goal is to carefully present these concepts and use them in this concrete example.

This is a seminar in the PDEs and Applications seminar series