Arne Beurling's bust moved and re-inaugurated


On Friday 29 September there was a re-inauguration of Arne Beurling's bust, which has now been relocated to the green area outside Café Ångström. It was a small, very pleasant event where about 40 people had gathered to maintain and honour his memory.

The bust and the upper part of the pillar with the engraved metal plaque.
You can read the text engraved on the metal plaque
on the pillar, you can read at the bottom of the article. 
The bust will be to be polished later as the stains
that existed earlier did not go away with soap and

The bust, which was produced in connection with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Arne Beurling's birth, was previously located outside the MIC area, opposite Ångström, where it was placed in 2008. At the time, the department was housed there, but now that the entire university has moved away, the bust had to be moved as well.

Among those gathered were several emeritus professors, including Sten Kaijser, Christer Kieselman and Dennis Hejhal. Dennis, who donated the granite pillar on which the bust stands, had the pleasure of attending as he had just arrived from Minnesota.

The head of the department, Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell, gave a short speech and Dennis Hejhal and Svante Janson said a few additional words. They noted that the bust has been placed in a nice location on the hill between the trees.

- It feels good to have the bust back directly outside Ångström where the department has its activities. This is a nice green area where students and employees move around and which you can also see from inside the Explanatorium exhibition where we have a copy of the G-writer on display, said Georgios.

The Beurling cake is served on a table.Afterwards there was coffee and a specially made Beurling cake at Café Ångström. The cake was meant to resemble a G-printer in colour and shape and the flavour would be as special as Arne Beurling himself. The result did not resemble a G-printer, but at least it had a nice silhouette image of Arne Beurling and under a white powder coating it was black with liquorice. Instead of cloudberries as requested, it was raspberries, which also went very well with the liquorice flavour. It was much appreciated, as was the event as a whole.


Picture taken after the opening where you can see the location, which is outside Café Ångström, between houses 1 and 4.

Dennis Hejhal, Svante Jansson and Anders Kjellström.

Text on the plaque that sits on the pillar of the bust:

In memory of ARNE BEURLING (1905-1986), Professor of Mathematics at Uppsala University 1937-1954 and then at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, USA.

Famous for his many important contributions to mathematical analysis, Beurling was also responsible for the breaking of the German Geheimschreiber crypto during World War II.

Bronze bust by artists Jan-Erik Björk and Ylva Lindgren in 2006.

The memorial was erected in spring 2008. The granite base was donated by Professor Dennis Hejhal.

More information about Arne Beurling and the G-writer.

Text: Marie Chajara Svensson
Photo: Jörgen Hellberg

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Last modified: 2023-08-15