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Hello there Anders Karlsson, Professor of Mathematics at both Uppsala University and the University of Geneva. You have been invited to give a talk on AI at a Game Changer Talks event in connection with the BNP Paribas Nordic Open* tennis tournament in Stockholm on 19 October. That sounds interesting!

Multifaceted tennis ball.
A game changer.

How did you get invited to speak?

- I was invited after participating in an event organised by BNP Paribas in connection with the Almedalen Week. I was there because I was involved in organising a seminar on AI for Uppsala University and the National Committee for Mathematics.

Anders Karlsson

Talking about AI in connection with a tennis tournament, that certainly sounds different.

- Yes, it is a new concept they have to educate and inspire about technology and the environment. There are many business leaders visiting the competitions who they hope to attract, but anyone who is interested can buy a ticket.

What will you cover in your talk?

- I will explain the main idea behind AI, mention the important role of maths and give some speculations on the future. There will also be time for discussion.

Then we hope that you will have a large audience and continue to spread the message of the importance of mathematics in the further development of AI.

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*BNP Paribas Nordic Open is the new name of the Stockholm Open from this year's edition of the competition. BNP Paribas, one of Europe's largest banks, is one of the world's leading tennis sponsors and is now the title partner of the Stockholm Open.

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Last modified: 2023-08-15