22 million in VR grants


The Swedish Research Council (VR) has awarded five project grants and one starting grant totaling just over 22 million SEK to researchers at the Department of Mathematics at Uppsala University during 2023-2027. VR rewards research of the highest scientific quality in national competition. In the same call, VR distributed a total of approximately SEK 82 million for research in mathematics.

Starting grant

Hankyung Ko: 4 000 000 SEK
Heckealgebror och kategorisk representationsteori 
Research area: Algebra och logik

Project grants

Erik Ekström, 3 632 000 SEK
Stochastic Control and Optimal Learning
Research area: Probability theory and statistics

Svante Janson: 3 636 000 SEK
Probabilistic methods for random graphs and random trees
Research area: Probability Theory and Statistics; Discrete Mathematics

Vera Koponen: 3 520 000 SEK
A model theoretic approach to relational learning in artificial intelligence
Research area: Computer science (computer science); Algebra and logic; Probability and statistics.

Andreas Strömbergsson:  3 636 000 SEK
Effective equidistribution in homogeneous dynamics, and local statistics of point sets of arithmetical origin 
Research area: Mathematical analysis

Michele del Zotto: 4 200 000 SEK
Exploring Symmetry Categories of Quantum Fields
Research area: Subatomic physics

See the list of awarded grants in science and technology on the Swedish Research Council's website (filter on preparation group NT-S to get pure mathematics projects. However, two of the projects belong to other review panels: NT-L, Astronomy and Subatomic Physics and NT-D, Computer Science).

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Last modified: 2023-08-15