Appreciated alumni event to be repeated next year


On Wednesday, 25 October, an event for the department's alumni was organised for the first time. About fifty people came to see fellow students and teachers, to network with other mathematicians and, not least, to take part in the programme items with the theme AI. Several of the department's teachers/researchers and students also participated.

From left at the table: Caroline Albo, high school teacher, Paolo Albo, high school teacher and songwriter and Matthias Palmér, CTO and co-founder of META Solutions. Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt  

It was obvious that there was a lot to talk about among the 70 or so mathematicians who gathered at this premiere alumni event. It was difficult to interrupt speakers, Q&A sessions and breaks, and many chose to join for dinner afterwards to continue the conversation.  

Staffan Rodhe, former lecturer, gave rise to
many appreciative reunions. Here with the
department's former study counsellor
Olga Kaj. Gunnar Berg, who would have
performed together with Staffan in a small
show, was unfortunately absent due to
illness, so we hope that they will come back
together at next year's event.
Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

The evaluation questionnaire showed that the event lived up well to the expectations of the participants, and it also fulfilled the purpose of the department to create collaborative contacts and get feedback from its alumni. 
"We look forward to inviting you to a new event next autumn and using the experience from this year to make it even better", says Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell, Head of the Department of Mathematics.
"The AI theme seemed far from finished, so we will definitely take it further, possibly together with other themes. We will prioritise more time for discussions and perhaps have parallel programme items to address alumni from different industries."

More collaboration is needed

It is clear that both the department and the alumni see the need for more collaboration with working life, not least in our programmes to make students better prepared and meet knowledge needs. We received valuable information about the need for continuing professional development courses, several examples from "reality" to include in our courses and tips, both for us who are responsible for the programmes, and for our students. 

Degree Project Matchmaking Event

Many were also interested in offering degree projects and other labour market contact to our students, which we are very happy about. As a first result, we invite you to an degree project matchmaking event at lunchtime on Tuesday 5 December when students and employers meet to present or discuss possible projects.
Here you can find information about the degree project matchmaking event on 5 December.

If you missed this year's alumni event programme, you can find it here

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Last modified: 2023-08-15