Student from Uppsala participates in a project about the number Pi at Sorbonne


Uppsala student Nima Akbarian knows 3141 decimals of pi. He has demonstrated this skill at an event that took place in early June at the Sorbonne Université in Paris.

Nima Akbarian wrote the decimals from memory on a blackboard. At the same time, the digits were verified by a group of students together with Patrick Polo, Head of the mathematics department at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie. The decimals they used to verify Nimas digits were calculated using a computer program. The event started exactly at 3.14 pm and after 159 minutes, Nima managed to write all the 3141 decimals, without a single mistake.

You tried the same thing last year in Uppsala, but then you managed to write about 2100 decimals before an error occured. How did you go about this time to remember the decimals correctly?

- I put in more effort to prepare for that part this time, and I'm happy it worked out.

Nima tells that one of the decimals actually was incorrect, but he saw where the error was and corrected it quickly. All the other digits were correct.

The event is linked to a research project in which Nima Akbarian participates, where students develop mathematical methods to calculate decimals of pi. Nima Akbarian has, with the supervision of Pierre-Vincent Koseleff, created a computer program that can analyze the efficiency of various numerical methods for calculating pi-decimals.

Learn more about Nima Akbarian's technique.

Nima Akbarian writing decimals of pi on a blackboard
Nima Akbarian at the event
Nima Akbarian standing in front of two blackboards that are fully covered with pi-decimals
Nima Akbarian after the event

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Last modified: 2023-08-15