Over 20 million in VR grants


The Swedish Research Council (VR) has awarded five project grants and one starting grant totaling almost 22 million SEK to researchers at the Department of Mathematics at Uppsala University. VR rewards research of the highest scientific quality in national competition. In the same call, VR distributed a total of approximately SEK 94 million for research in mathematics.

Project grants

Denis Gaidashev, 3 520 000 SEK
Renormalization in hydrodynamic models
Research area: Mathematical analysis

Thomas Kragh, 3 400 000 SEK
Floer homotopy theory and twisted algebraic K-theory
Research area: Geometry

Kaj Nyström, 3 800 000 SEK
New perspectives on evolutionary free boundary problems
Research area: Mathematical analysis; Geometry

Sebastian Schwarzacher, 3 400 000 SEK
Mathematical analysis of the interaction between elastic shells and fluids
Research area: Mathematical analysis

Stephan Wagner, 3 600 000 SEK
Analytic and probabilistic tools for the study of random trees
Research area: Discrete mathematics; Probability theory and statistics

Starting grants

Annika Heckel, 4 000 000 SEK
Concentration versus spread - tools, lower bounds and applications
Research area: Discrete mathematics; Probability theory and statistics

See the list of awarded grants in science and technology on the Swedish Research Council's website (filter on preparation group NT-S to get pure mathematics projects)

Last modified: 2023-08-15