Tidigare doktorandseminarier

22 november 2023: Benjamin Meco, Ergodic theory and connections to combinatorics and number theory

15 november 2023: Max Raner, Asymptotic absolute continuity

1 november 2023: Darius Dramburg, Periodic lozenge tilings of the plane

25 oktober 2023: Mingyi Hou, On an inequality between Dirichlet and Neumann eigenvalues for the Laplace operator

18 oktober 2023: Taisia Morozova, Modelling and simulation in cellular networks

11 oktober 2023: Filip Strakoš, Height in 4 dimensions using a sphere-valued holomorphic tape measure

4 oktober 2023: Ask Ellingsen, Reality is not realistic out of context

27 september 2023: Topias Tolonen, Learning by doing

20 september 2023: Vilhelm Agdur, Deterministically cutting things in pieces

13 september 2023: Mateusz Stroinski, Graphical calculus, linear algebra and categorical nonsense

26 april 2023: Axel Husin, Perspective on perspective

19 april 2023: William Hedlund, Reidemeister Torsion

12 april 2023: Ruoyu Wang, Local density of a tree

22 mars 2023: Tobias Mattsson, The multiplier problem for the ball

15 mars 2023: Milica Ðukić, The smooth closing lemma

8 mars 2023: Marcus Vaktnäs, Hermite-Padé approximation

1 mars 2023: Lukas Nakamura, How to park a car efficiently

22 februari 2023: Amandine Caut, Gradient-domain image processing

15 februari 2023: Johan Rydholm, Stairway to phi^4

8 februari 2023: Topias Tolonen, Hiring and Firing: Application in Game Theory for PhD Students Who Find no Joy in Economics

1 februari 2023: Elias Riedel Gårding, Quantum anomalies and group cohomology

25 januari 2023: Alireza Tavakoli, A few words on symmetrization

7 december 2022: Taisia Morozova, Lindley recursion in queueing system

30 november 2022: Anna Rodriguez Rasmussen, Skew group algebras

23 november 2022: Joel Dahne, Highest cusped waves and computer assisted proofs

16 november 2022: Darius Dramburg, Lego for grown-ups aka topological interlockings

9 november 2022: Christoffer Söderberg, Theory and history of Penrose tiltings

2 november 2022: Wei Xing, Covering techniques in quiver representations

12 oktober 2022: Benjamin Meco, There are not that many twin primes

5 oktober 2022: Alireza Ataei, Historical approach to PDEs

21 september 2022: Aron Persson, On Brownian Motion, the Heat Equation and Geometric Properties of the Exit-Time Problem

14 september 2022: Vilhelm Agdur, Randomly cutting things in half, as a proof technique

7 september 2022: Mateusz Stroinski, Pointless topology for sober spaces

31 augusti 2022: Mingyi Hou, Localization phenomena in physics and its mathematical interpretation

25 maj 2022: Axel Husin, Whitney-Graustein theorem

18 maj 2022: William Hedlund, A Look at Associahedra

11 maj 2022: Carmina Fjellström, Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network

4 maj 2022: Malte Litsgård, Using convex analysis to solve the Dirichlet problem (or at least show it can be done).

27 april 2022: Martin Andersson, Graph Laplacians and their applications in machine learning

20 april 2022: Amandine Caut, Introduction to Deep Learning

6 april 2022: Markus Thuresson, Some combinatorics and quasi-hereditary algebras

30 mars 2022: Fabian Burghart, The reconstruction conjecture

23 mars 2022: Christoffer Söderberg, Tropical Matrices and Different Notions of Rank

16 mars 2022: Taisia Morozova, PASTA for remaining service time in stable and unstable queues

2 mars 2022: Mingyi Hou, Energy and entropy estimates for rate of convergence

23 februari 2022: Joel Dahne, Some phenomena in fluid mechanics

9 februari 2022: Robert Moscrop, The McKay correspondence and (some) string theory

2 februari 2022: Alireza Tavakoli, ABP method: from maximum principles to isoperimetric inequality

19 januari 2022: Elias Riedel Gårding, Quantum field theories as cobordism functors

15 december 2021: Aksel Bergfeldt, Nonlinear Schrödinger equations

8 december 2021: Rebekka Müller, When intuition is misleading

24 november 2021: Christoffer Olsson, Random matrices and the mysterious Tracy-Widom distribution

17 november 2021: Yuqiong Wang, The tale of a coin flipper with OCD

10 november 2021: Tobias Mattsson, Local smoothing conjecture

3 november 2021: Darius Dramburg, Rolling spheres, Mathieu group(oid)s and projective puzzles

13 oktober 2021: Mateusz Stroinski, 2-dimensional TQFTs and Frobenius algebras

6 oktober 2021: Johan Rydholm, The rectangular peg problem

29 september 2021: Lukas Nakamura, On periodic orbits of balls in a potential

22 september 2021: Aron Persson, On Mean Values in Manifolds

8 september 2021: Vilhelm Agdur, How to be a maths influencer

12 maj 2021: Johan Rydholm, The Dold-Kan correspondence

5 maj 2021: David Lundberg, Introduction to Lyapunov-Schmidt reduction methods for PDEs

21 april 2021: Aksel Bergfeldt, What if 0.999... ≠ 1?

14 april 2021: Axel Husin, The fundamental theorem of algebra

7 april 2021: Carmina Fjellström, Diffusion Maps

24 mars 2021: Martin Andersson, The Fokker-Planck Equation and Neural Networks

17 mars 2021: Christoffer Söderberg, An Introduction to Matroids

3 mars 2021: Markus Thuresson, Building blocks of representation theory

17 februari 2021: Fabian Burghart, How spheres grow spiky in high dimensions

3 februari 2021: Joel Dahne, Computer Assisted Proofs (or How to introduce bugs in your proofs)

9 december 2020: Malte Litsgård, What is a Kolmogorov-type operator and what does it do?

2 december 2020: Yuqiong Wang, How to walk home tipsy: from random walks to PDEs

25 november 2020: Colin Desmarais, Colouring vertices of random recursive trees

11 november 2020: Christoffer Olsson, The Kakeya Problem

4 november 2020: Marcus Westerberg, On the geometry of influence functions for parametric models

9 september 2020: Elin Persson Westin, The symmetric group of a complex number, or Schur-Weyl duality for the partition algebra

2 september 2020: Helena Jonsson, Schur-Weyl Duality for Brauer Algebra

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